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5 Mistakes You Need To Know When Working On WordPress

5 Mistakes You Need To Know When Working On WordPress

WordPress is a very popular platform for all developers and comes with many features. Unfortunately, when using WordPress for creating a website, most people make mistakes in the initial stages. However, with each mistake, you learn plenty of new things about the platform. 

Over the years, plenty of people has started WordPress and mastered it by correcting their mistakes. However, if you know about the common mistakes that people make before using the platform, you can avoid them and save a lot of time. 

You do not have to go through the process of making the same mistakes and fixing them. It will help you to master WordPress faster. We will help you find out some of the most common mistakes below. 

Top 5 Common Mistakes You Need To Know When Using WordPress 

If you are a beginner and planning to use WordPress for creating your blogging website or SEO work, here are some of the most common mistakes you need to know. Although there are plenty of mistakes that beginners make when using WordPress, we have selected some common ones. 

  • Purchasing More 

One of the most common mistakes that many beginners make when starting to use WordPress is buying more than they need. To start with a WordPress website, you need to have WordPress hosting and a domain name. 

Most domain registrars try to sell other services, which becomes a challenge. It becomes hard for beginners to find out which one they actually need. These add-on programs mostly include extra email accounts, privacy protection, security services, and others. 

Skip all these small services to save a lot of money and spend other places for your business. They are not highly necessary for a starting business. If you need them later, you can always come back and buy them. So, make sure that you are purchasing only what you need. 

  • Wrong Website 

Most beginners make the common mistake of choosing the wrong platform for their blogging platform. The concussion starts because there are two types of WordPress available such as WordPress.com and WordPress.org. One is a blog hosting service, and another is a self-hosted platform that is very popular.

Among them, you need to choose and start with the self-hosted platform WordPress.org as it provides you with all the features. If you need to find out all the details about both of these websites, you can just visit and learn more about them. Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong one. 

  • Choosing The Wrong WordPress Theme 

It is one of the biggest mistakes most beginners make when using WordPress. However, choosing the right theme for your website is not as easy as it seems. It becomes even more complicated and confusing for beginners. There are thousands of themes available to choose from and most people settle for the one after trying multiple themes. 

Instead of trying many themes, you need to choose the best one from the start, and stick to it. When you change the themes often, it makes it hard for the customers or website visitors to navigate. It will become hard for the visitors to get familiar with the brand, website, and brand. Continuity and consistency of design have a big impact on brand awareness and recognition. 

If you are having issues choosing the best theme for your website, you need to consider simplicity over the design. In the long run, the simplicity of your website will help the visitors to get familiar. Here are some of the other things you need to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress theme. 

  • Flexible and easily customizable to all needs. 
  • Looks good on different devices such as mobile, tablets, and desktops. 
  • Well optimized for speed and performance.
  • The theme should work with all the WordPress page builders and plugins. 
  • Not Setting Up Automated Backups 

A lot of people become victims of data loss every year. It is needless to say that almost all the websites on the internet are in danger of getting theft, hacks, and others. The first thing you need is a powerful defense to prevent getting attacked. However, a backup is as much important as good protection. 

Even with all the protection, you can get attacked and become the victim of data loss. You need to become ready for that with the help of a backup. It will help you to get back all the lost data easily. However, most people make the mistake of not backing up their data.

So, they end up losing all their data due to theft or hacking attacks. Setting up a backup is very easy, and you can do it with the help of WordPress plugins from the market. Once you get the plugins, they back up everything automatically. 

  • Ignoring The WordPress Updates 

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you are not ignoring the WordPress updates. This is one of the common mistakes that many people make. There are many beginners who do not install all the updates and think that updating WordPress will cause different errors in their website. 

It is not true; you can update WordPress to enjoy all the new features without breaking the website. Without updates, your website is vulnerable to different security threats and outdated software. In Addition, WordPress plugins and themes regularly release bug fixes updates, which are very important. 

Before learning about Google ads and Facebook ads, you need to know that updates do not cause errors in your website. 


Using WordPress is one of the best experiences for developers. However, there are some common mistakes that most of them make. If you are a beginner, you can find the most common mistakes in this article that will help you prevent them and save a lot of time. Share the article with others to help them out.