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Wrist List: 4 of the Best Nomos Watches to Add to Your Collection

Best Nomos Watches
Best Nomos Watches

Founded in 1990 by Roland Nomos Schwertner, Glashütte is now the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in Germany. The brand is known for its design philosophy. Nomos watches are high quality, perfectly executed, and minimalist. It appeals to modern art enthusiasts and minimalists the most. 

While the brand produces more complicated timepieces, it is the dress watches, in particular, that garner the most attention. These Nomos Watches with classic designs embody the brand values of the company: premium quality components with minimal, timeless aesthetics. Each of the timepieces additionally features a mechanical movement developed and produced in-house. Here are four of our favorites that you should consider adding to your collection. They are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

1. Nomos Tangomat Reference 601/641

Nomos Tangomat Reference 601/641 is the elder brethren of the Nomos Tangente. Both of these Nomos models are classic-looking timepieces that have been among the best-selling models of the brand for nearly 25 years. Similar to the Tangente, the Tangomat features a Bauhaus-inspired dial. It has a combination of printed Arabic numerals and baton markers along with a thermally blued handset, providing an attractive contrast against the white dial directly proportional, making it a highly decipherable watch. 

As the name suggests, the Tangomat is an automatic timepiece powered by DUW 5001, which is the first in-house automatic caliber of the brand. This movement involves 26 jewels along with time-only functions. The case on the Tangomat is slightly bigger and thicker than the Tangente at 38.3, giving more wrist presence. If you are looking for a neat, everyday watch, the Tangomat might be the watch for you. 

2. Nomos Orion Reference 301/309

The Reference 301/309 is one of the most formal dress watches within the current collection of Nomos. Nomos Orion has a dial that seems to be white at first glance; however, it has a subtle silver hue when looked at closely. The applied baton-shaped hour markers give a sense of depth to the model, and in this case, their golden tone adds some warmth and zing to an otherwise plain-looking dial. Presented in a printed black form, the stick indices and the minute and seconds markings conform to the minimalist design ethos of the timepiece. These components are protected by a 35mm stainless steel case that has smooth flowing lines and curves. 

The Orion Reference 301 is powered by the trusted in-house alpha caliber of the brand. It is a manually wound movement with 17 jewels, and when fully wound, it offers a power reserve of around 43 hours. The movement was decorated with blue screws and Glashütte ribbing to add further details, completing the aesthetic. In case you are looking for a dress watch, you should consider buying the Orion.

3. Nomos Metro Reference 1101

Nomos is best-known for its traditional minimalistic designs. However, Nomos also have interesting and more playful watch models. Among these watches is the Metro collection. Nomos Metro comes in several variations, but we will focus on Reference 1101. 

Nomos Metro Reference 1101 has a quirky-looking power reserve display under and between hours 12 and 1. It has a 33mm stainless steel case, giving the watch a unisex appeal. The case further appears unique with its wired lugs, which look similar to the ones found on trench watches from the past. The main highlight of the Nomos Metro, however, is its dial. Its dial comes with a white/silver base color with hour markers presented in printed black and light blue dots. While, the minute markings feature printed black dots, smaller than the Arabic numerals, making it easier to read the time. 

The hour and minute hands of Nomos Metro are uniquely shaped with what seems to be inspired by a tall skyscraper, while the second’s hand is shaped simply like a baton represented in red, giving a pop of color to the watch. Another interesting aspect of this model is the trapezoidal shape of its window date below the seconds subdial at 6. Powered with caliber DUW4401, the first movement of the brand to feature its proprietary Nomos swing system, Nomos achieved another significant milestone. The movement has a power reserve of 42 hours and can be looked at in all its glory through the sapphire glass case back. The brand sure did step out of its shoes to create something different and fresh with Nomos Metro. 

4. Nomos Club Campus Night Reference 736/738

If you are looking for a sports watch, Nomos has a fun, versatile collection of sports watches you can choose from. The brand unveiled the Nomos Club Campus collection in 2017, keeping the youth in mind by producing models with quirky dial variations and a friendly price tag. The collection features a dark anthracite-colored dial with a California dial. This dial is known for its dial configuration with a mix of Arabic numerals, has marks, and Roman numerals. Some playful touches on the Nomos Club Night are visible in its hour markings with a blue outline and the red-colored second’s hand which both stand out against the dark background. 

The watch comes with a 38mm stainless steel case with a height of just 8.45mm. Its hour marking, minute, and hour hands are Beige superluminova, offering transcendent low light visibility to the timepiece. Watches in this collection have a water resistance of up to 100 meters which makes them suitable for light swimming. 


The German watch brand Nomos Glashütte is renowned for manufacturing beautiful, elegant timepieces. It is well-known for its watches made with a minimalist design approach. The beauty of each timepiece lies in the finer details that the brand focuses on. If you are looking for a watch to add to your collection, you can always consider purchasing from Nomos Glashütte. The brand has several different varieties of watch collections that you can choose from. All are promising, reliable, and impeccable. Each was made with high precision and dedication. With Nomos Glashütte, your watches are guaranteed to look polished and powered with leading mechanization.


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