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XvideoStudio Video Editor APK Download Latest for Android


One of the best video editing apps on Android is the XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK Download. The features available in the application are quite complete. Especially when you use the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK version.

You can easily create cinematic videos. Keep reading this article to find out more about its features and how to get the application.

XvideoStudio Video Editor APK Without Watermark Latest

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This application is available in two versions, namely free and paid, and can be downloaded for free through the Playstore but the features are very minimal.

If you want to use the full features and without restrictions, you need to pay to get the pro version.

The most striking difference between the two is the resulting video. In the free version, videos that have been created will have a watermark so that they look less professional.

While the paid version does not display a watermark. If you want to use the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK pro application, now the mod version is available.

This version is a modified version so that users can use the pro version of the application for free.


XvideoStudio Video Editor APK has several features as below.

Creative Video Lens

If you want to make a video directly within the app, XvideoStudio Video Editor APK provides a feature called Creative Video Lens.

This feature works like a camera that can capture photos and record videos. In it, there are several modes that you can choose.


The most basic mode choice is basic. This camera functions like the default Android camera.

However, by recording directly using the application, the recording results can automatically go directly to the editing kitchen.


The second mode is more suitable for making video blogs or vlogs. With this mode, you can use the front camera to capture the moment.

In selfie mode, there are also 7 types of lens options that can be adjusted to suit your needs.


FX itself is taken from the term effects which functions to provide effects for recorded photos and videos.

Music Videos

Many users add songs or music when recording videos to make it feel more serene.

To meet these needs, the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK has a music video feature.

With this feature, users can add music directly to the video being recorded.


Want to add text to a video? You can use the text feature.

Usually, Viva users use this feature to provide a title, subtitle, or credit title.


Make your videos more interesting using various emoji stickers and other images.

No need to worry because all the sticker packs in the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK application are already unlocked.


Videos without music will feel empty. Therefore, you can add music to your videos.

You can use music for free from the provided library or files from the gallery.

Filters, Effects, and Transitions

Do videos feel so flat? Just add filters and effects to it.

You can also add transitions between one scene and the next.

Download XvideoStudio Video Editor APK

XvideoStudio Video Editor APK cannot be obtained through Playstore. Therefore, you must download it for free at the link below that we have provided.

Here are the details of the application along with the download link.