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You tuber who plays online video games


Due to this pandemic, kids love to play online video games rather than go outside because it saves their lives and their family life. Today with this article, we will inform you about top you tubers who love to play online video games. if you want to know about roblox now just click on www.roblox.com/redeem

Let’s check out some of you tubers who play online video games:

  • Vanoss gaming: The channel was run by Evan Fong. He is quite an experienced person. Candian press states that he makes jokes, videos, comments on “Grand theft” gaming shows. He had placed a top place on youtube channels. Moreover, he also has a keen interest in music channels.
  • Markiplier: This channel was operated by Hawaiian-born Mark Fischbach, who lives in California buy lighting online. He spent most of his time making videos on horror games. “The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is his significant achievement. Do you know he has more than 23 million subscribers in the gaming industry?
  • Jacksepticeye: He has been uploading the videos since 2012. He got attention due to Pewdiepie in the year 2013. Most of the time do comments on “Let’s play video” You will receive his online video games on his channel. He performed exciting concepts on the internet.
  • DanTDM: since 2012, he has been uploading videos for children. He concentrates mainly on his young audience.
  • Popularmmos: Patrick Brown makes videos and content on “Minecraft mods” on this youtube channel.
  • W2S: you tuber “Harry Lewis” who is a very young person who makes videos on FIFA games. Mostly he makes comical videos. He had achieved a big attachment in his life.
  • Alia: He covers everything on the new game and duplicate uploads it to youtube. He has millions of fan bases and subscribers across the world. Here you will get the various ideas of pokemon and Minecraft.
  • H20Delirious: He uploaded its videos on Let’s play online video games. He usually hides his face on youtube, but he presents his face only for April fool-making videos.
  • Thesyndicateproject: He has 7 years of experience in the online video games industry. He has so many subscribers in the world, and many of them belong to the twitch channel.
  • captainsparklez: This channel is mainly focused on animation and doing creative things in the gaming industry. Here you will get some idea about Minecraft gaming.
  • Theorist: He uploads educational videos on online games that educate the child and people worldwide, including the united states.
  • Theredbrad: He played the games and shared the suggestion on his youtube channels, and shared his videos on Facebook, Instagram, and google plus. Mostly his videos are related to Cally of duty WW2, 35 videos of resident evil 7, and many more.
  • Sssniperwolf: She started playing games at the age of 6, and She is one of the famous female gamers in this industry.
  • Smoshgames: It is the top YouTuber worldwide, where she made comments and opinions about their games. Mainly she gives suggestions, ideas on Smosh summer games and winter games.
  • MobyGames: This channel belonged to Toby turner, and he uploads the Let’s Play series of Terraria and makes videos on that.
  • Speedyw03: He is based in the USA, where he uploads his videos and content on call of duty, H1Z1. Recently he had made videos on Fortnite.
  • iHascupquake: She has been in the online gaming industry since 2010, and she has made many videos on Five Nights at Freddies and The Walking Dead, which has created a keen interest in online video games players.
  • Bajan presented content related to horror games and adventurous games, and he has a huge fan base in the United States and Canada.
  • Seananners: Montoya uploaded videos on mini-golf, Minecraft, resident evil7, and many more.
  • Free tv: This channel is different from other you tubers as this channel is a family-friendly channel where all family members play an essential role.



Hopefully, this informative article can provide you with the details of you tubers who love to play online video games. If still, you have a query, you can comment us in the comment section. For more information Visit at holidaymount.com