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Your Comprehensive guide to an MOT Exam


The U.K. government created a test to determine whether a car is acceptable to drive on the road. The test is for all vehicles older than three years and is known as the MOT Reading test and this test is divided into three categories: primary, dangerous, and minor. The primary purpose of this test is to reduce the number of occurrences of road rage, and accidents that occur when something is in the driver’s vehicle aren’t working as it should. If it has minor issues, your vehicle may pass the test, but any significant and hazardous problems will immediately fail. 

What happens during the MOT test?

Your car will no longer be roadworthy if you fail the test, and you will be handed a fail certificate. Everything is extensively scrutinized during the MOT test, and if anything has to be repaired, it must be done as soon as possible. Everything impacts the MOT test, whether the inside or the exterior, but the tyres are the essential factors determining whether you pass or fail. 

Few of the essential critical factors about the MOT test? 

An MOT test analyses everything inside your car extensively, which is why it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, but there are a few more factors to consider. If your vehicle needs major repairs, the process may take longer than anticipated.

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency has established uniform pricing for MOT tests that each shop can charge. The legal amount of money for vehicles is £54.85, and for MOT for bikes, it is £29.65, and any garage in the United Kingdom that charges more is breaking the law.

When the government issues you a fail certificate, it means that your car is no longer roadworthy and that driving it is now illegal; if you try to do so, you will be fined and given penalty points. So now you must inspect and update everything that needs to be studied and modified, and you may retake the MOT test to ensure that your car passes this time. You will need to check and repair every component if you wish to pass the test a second time.

There are two ways to retrieve your MOT certificate if you have lost or misplaced it due to unforeseen circumstances. By utilizing either method, you can have your MOT test certificate produced anew.

If you have a current MOT certificate, it can help you locate more potential buyers in the future if you decide to sell your vehicle. Most people look for the MOT test certificate when purchasing a car, and the MOT test will also help you raise the resale value of your car.

Everything in your vehicle will be checked during this test, but tyres and engines are two essential elements that significantly influence the MOT test. 

What are the things which are checked in the MOT test? 

After three years, the government inspects your vehicle thoroughly. You cannot utilize your prior MOT certificate after your car has finished the three years. You may need to arrange the MOT test at any test centre, and depending on the condition of your vehicle, they will award you a pass or fail certificate.

Here are some of the essential things in your vehicle that can cause an MOT failure. These are the car’s components that are examined during the MOT Reading test. 

·         Exhausts 

·         Seat belts  

·         Steering

·         Lights

·         Battery 

·         Brakes

·         Tyres 

·         Body

·         Windscreen wipers

·         Registration plates