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Your Guide to Activities Other Than Intimacy with Your Love Doll

Love doll

Excited to welcome your new partner to your home – your sex doll? Well, as much as this is exciting for you, you would be bustling and puzzling with what you would do with her. How you are going to have the best fun time with her? How you are going to take the time with her your best time?

Well, in this guide we provide you details on how to have fun and live with your life like love dolls:

  • Clothing

Dressing her up would be your daily task and one that you have to undertake not by just thinking about how to make her sexy but also how you can make her body comfortable and damage-free. The first thing is to note her size and buy clothes fitting to that only. When dressing her up, be careful. Lie her down flat when wearing underwear and bend the knees to align with the crotch. Apply the same technique when making her wear a stocking. With time you will get used to dressing her up easily.

  • Sleeping

While sex with your doll is obvious, and after you have a wild session with her, it is time to sleep with her and it should be done properly so as not to cause any damage to her. Herein, sleep with her just like you would do with your partner, but avoid too much pressure or weight on her for long.

  • Bathing

You might want to have sex with her in the bathroom, or you would want to just go for a sensual bath with her. In both cases, it is pretty much exciting. Bathe her gently, and after that wipe her with a cotton towel, then put baby powder all over her body. Make sure to avoid getting into the neck’s metal conductor region.

  • Photography

Just like you would engage in some fun selfie session with a real partner, you would want to get through this with your doll also. Taking photos and then peeping at her through the pics is another kind of pleasure enjoyed by many. Make sure to dress her up creatively using new clothes, new wigs, and take photos in new poses that you will enjoy seeing later on.

While having sex is something most are concerned about at most of the times related to their doll, knowing how to keep them and do all other things with your love dream dolls will make for an exciting time daily.