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Your Seller Account Suspended – What Next?


Don’t worry if your Amazon merchant account has been suspended, our guide will help you. Find out how to get your Amazon seller account up and running again.

Below you can find a quick guide on what you should and shouldn’t do when you ask yourself a question ‘Amazon account suspended how to get it back?’ and file your first appeal seller suspension.

If you sell a lot on Amazon, and you probably came here to read this post, then you know that sooner or later you will encounter one of the frustrating processes that make your life hell. Suspension of a seller on Amazon is one of the processes that can hit any seller, regardless of their impeccable reputation or outstanding performance.

First of all, it is important to remember that suspending an Amazon seller account is not the end of the world. It is possible to restore an Amazon account, but it will take some effort. SageSeller has put together a quick guide on what to do in this case and how to recover a suspended Amazon account.

What are the types of Amazon account suspensions?
To restore a locked Amazon account, you should first stop throwing your phone against the wall in a panic. Most things in the world happen for a reason, and so does account suspension. You need to understand what a suspended account means and find a way to restore your Amazon account.

Types of Amazon account suspensions:

Disabled Amazon account;
Suspended Amazon account;
Suspended Amazon account; Suspended Amazon account; Suspended Amazon account;
Suspended Amazon account.
Deactivated Amazon account
This often happens when Amazon believes your account is associated with another account that is not allowed to sell on Amazon. In this case, Amazon will disable your account and you will no longer be able to sell through that account. If you believe your account has been deactivated in error, you should notify Amazon. You have 90 days to file a complaint. If you do not, you may request funds after that time.

Suspension of your Amazon account
An Amazon account suspension means that your account is not currently functioning, but you can still contact Amazon and have your account restored by rectifying the situation and proposing an improvement plan that convinces Amazon. If you think your Amazon merchant account was suspended for no reason, you should contact Amazon and find out why this happened.
Refusal to create an Amazon account.
A refusal to activate an account occurs when you have already requested reactivation of your account, but Amazon has refused. In this case, it remains possible to submit an amended plan of action.

A blocked Amazon account.
This is the worst-case scenario. It would mean that you are prohibited from selling through that account and there is no way to appeal.

Your Amazon account has been suspended, what should you do now?
In a nutshell, the answer is: find out why – consider the rules – convince Amazon. This means that you need to understand the reason why your Amazon seller account has been suspended.

When you outline the reason or reasons for your Amazon account suspension, find out what Amazon rules apply to the suspended Amazon account in your case and what actions you should avoid to improve your Amazon merchant account suspension situation.

After that, write to Amazon and send them a compelling Action Plan with the main points and a clear explanation of how you plan to resolve the problem. Send it to the Amazon Seller Performance Team for review.

It’s important not to rush; the Action Plan should be comprehensive, compelling, and give Amazon a reason to lift the suspension.

Remember, Amazon wants you to keep selling on the platform, they just want you to improve your sales performance or comply with the rules they set. In most cases, you will find the rules fair if you know why they were put in place. So if they see that you want to improve, they will gladly give you a chance.

Why was my Amazon seller account suspended?
Poor account performance.
If your sales performance is down and your business numbers are low, that’s a sign to Amazon that the service you’re providing to customers may not be of the highest quality. So they analyze why your performance is declining and want you to present an action plan to improve it.

Low quality products.
If you are selling low quality, inauthentic, counterfeit or used items on Amazon, chances are that sooner or later Amazon will suspend your account. All of these items are prohibited for sale on Amazon. This platform is customer-focused, and Amazon expects you to sell only high-quality items.

Limited Products.
If you sell restricted items on Amazon, they can suspend your account. Amazon FBA restrictions mean that sellers must get approval before they can sell items in certain categories. Restrictions vary by market and national law, with lists of prohibited categories and products varying between the U.S. and the U.K., for example.

The marketplace distinguishes between restricted categories on Amazon and restricted products on Amazon. To sell restricted items, you must apply for permission to sell restricted items in the Amazon category. Learn everything you need to know about restricted products here.

Banned or illegal products
If you sell counterfeit, inauthentic or illegal products, Amazon will detect this and suspend your account. The definition of counterfeit products on Amazon can be found here.

Violation of copyright laws
If you sell on Amazon, always be aware of copyright laws. If you’re new to Amazon, it’s best to start with items that aren’t copyrighted.

Violate Amazon’s policy.
Amazon has very well-developed policies or terms of service that you should adhere to. If you don’t, Amazon may suspend your seller account.

Poor customer service
As stated earlier, Amazon is a customer-centric company and does not want sellers who treat customers poorly. Poor customer service, such as late shipments, cancelled orders, and poor communication with customers, can cause a suspension of business. If you have too many negative customer reviews, this can also be a reason to suspend operations.

Inaccurate listing information
If the information in your listing is inaccurate, missing, or misleading, your account may be suspended. Amazon may also suspend you for providing other inaccurate listing information, such as inaccurate UPC codes or incorrect account information.

Cheating with customer reviews or competitor mentions
If Amazon suspects you of buying reviews or capturing listings, you can expect to be suspended. Amazon only accepts fair play.

Opening more than one account
If you sell the same item on multiple seller accounts belonging to the same person, Amazon will probably suspend your account if it notices this.

Referring shoppers to external websites
Because Amazon’s policy is to attract shoppers to the platform, they don’t want you to divert shoppers outside of Amazon.