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Your Step-By-Step Guide To Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll

Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll
Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll

A typical search query entered by QuickBooks users is add EIN to QuickBooks Payroll. Many are confused with how to proceed. EIN is a nine-digit number used by the IRS to keep a business’s tax liability records. EIN stands for Employer Identification Number that you require to add to QuickBooks Payroll Subscription. However, in order to successfully add, you need additional information as well. The additional information consists of a zip code and service key. This blog will cover the steps to add EIN. Along with that, you’ll also see the restrictions and requirements for adding EIN and steps to add a company file, if required.

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Limitations And Requirements For Adding EIN To QuickBooks Payroll

It’s essential to know the reasons and limitations of this process. Knowing them can make your process a lot easier. Also, you can avoid any mistakes during the actual procedure. Go through the points given below:

  1. Do not share your service key with anyone. Doing so can reveal your payroll subscription account information to other users.
  2. Always keep your payroll subscription information like contact info and payroll admin the same for each company you append to your payroll subscription.
  3. If you want to process payroll for more than one company with one payroll subscription, you will need the same device and the same QuickBooks Desktop payroll account.
  4. QuickBooks allows only a fixed number of companies to be added to your Payroll subscription. If you have a subscription of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll then you can add only up to three companies.
  5. Do not use the same EIN for more than one company file. You should also not use the same QuickBooks Payroll account. Doing so can trigger errors. QuickBooks is designed to hold only company file per EIN.
  6. Make sure to use the newest supported version of QuickBooks. Make sure that system settings are also to the optimum. The settings should always work in the system of the
    application or QuickBooks.
  7. Suppose you pay your employees with DD or Direct Deposit; you can have numerous companies with DD on the same Payroll subscription.

Now that you know the requirements and limitations, it’s best you try the actual steps for the process.

Steps To Add EIN In QuickBooks

You need to follow these measures carefully. Not doing so can give you, even more trouble and errors. Keep in mind the requirements and limitations of the process. After reading them, you can start with the actual process given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks. In the Payroll tab, choose Employees.
  2. Click on Use My Existing Payroll Service.
  3. Now, choose Use Subscription Number XXXXXXX[Payroll Subscription Version]. This option is available in the Identify Subscription option.
  4. If not any option shows you your subscription, then you can click on Other: I Have An Existing Subscription And A Zip Code. You need to enter the required information. Make sure to type the correct information. Not doing so can result in wrong output or errors.
  5. Hit on Next in the Add Company Information to enter your EIN or Employer Identification Number.
  6. To get a print, click on the Print button. Now, move to the Desktop by choosing the Return To QuickBooks Desktop option.
  7. For the service key activation, you can click on My Payroll Services in the Employees tab. Now, you can click on Manage Service Key.
  8. Click on View, and QuickBooks will show you the new Service Key with an Active status. This marks the end of the process.

The next step involves adding a company file. This is an additional step that you might need.

Adding A Company File

You need to implement certain steps if you’ve purchased a subscription directly from Intuit prior to creating a QuickBooks company file. Implement the steps given below:

  1. Note the service key of the EIN you are adding.
  2. Move to the Employees tab and then choose Payroll. Now, select Enter Payroll Service Key.
  3. Choose Add. Enter the service key as a single number without hyphens.
  4. Suppose the company file already has the payroll service key in it; you can select Edit instead of Add. Enter the service key.
  5. Choose Next, and Finish.
  6. A new Tax Table will be downloaded. After this, all payroll functions will be activated in the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

You can add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll by following or implementing the simple steps mentioned in this blog. If you wish to add a company file, then you need to implement certain additional steps that can help you do it. Be wary of the requirements and limitations of the process. With all this in mind, you can certainly add EIN to QuickBooks.

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