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Your turn to die walkthrough – Gaming tips


Your turn to die walkthrough or Kimi ga Shine -Tasuketsu Death Game- is a Japanese visual adventure novel. This adventure game is in first-person view. Nankidai, who is a manga artist, created and developed the game in 2017. An unofficial English version is also available under the name of “Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority-“.

Your Turn To Die is an episodic game with chapter installments. May 2021 saw the release of the latest installment in the game, Chapter 3, Part One, Section B. You can play the game both in the browser, and your touch mobile devices dining table set online. The game advises strong viewer discretion since the content is severe and violent. It deals with sesnsitive issues such as suicide, abusive relationships, and death.

The game follows Sara Chidouin, who ends up in a mysterious facility with ten other people. A mysterious organization forces them to play a “Death Game”, where they have to vote to decide who dies.

A brief guide to the game pro tips:

If you want to be a pro at Your turn to die game, then head to Letstechup, to know the professional walkthrough. In Chapter 1, Part One, the story starts. Part One of Chapter 1 concludes at the end of the second trial. Chapter 1, Part Two starts with a search for Alice. You have to find Alice. This part also includes distribution of cards. It commences after reaching the first main game.

In Chapter 2, Part One, our main character Sara experiences hallucinations. You have to deal with attractions by playing. Room of lies tricks you in this part and the journey ends after you make it to the final attraction.

Following are more general gaming tips. Elements in this part include levels of hallucination, negotiations, and tokens, prizes, and attractions.

Day 1, 2, and 3 involve negotiating.
If you think about Joe, hallucination levels can increase.
Game gets over if you lose an attraction.
You can buy personal info using tokens of other characters.
By the end of Day 3, you must get 10 clear chips.

In Chapter 2, Part Two, card trading starts. You have to escape using a route that connects to the 2nd Main Game. You don’t have to worry about most of the dialogues and actions. They don’t affect the game significantly. Take help from the guide to know about the important ones.

You will come across mini-games in this part requiring you to click quickly. There are also games demanding multiple clicks. It is better to choose the option of Auto-Click to avoid any failure.

Chapter 3 pro tips:

In Chapter 3, Part One, Section A, you can use the technique of using turns to defeat enemies that you encounter. However, you cannot reuse a character to act using it once lighting online shopping. Obstructor Flight 1 has the option of choosing Sara to save. Make sure to defeat the obstruction within the nine turns. If you fail to do so, it results in the death of a character.

You must solve the Boxing Ring Puzzle without exceeding the limit of 9 turns. If you fail to do so, the game gets over. By using 2 turns to check the liquid and choosing either Reiko or Alice to slow its flow, you gain 3 turns. This helps you achieve a total sum of 10 turns. In Obstructor Flight 2, you must win the level within 8 turns to avoid anyone dying.

In Battle with Midori, you must defeat Midori within 9 turns. Failure to do so changes the end but not the outcome. You can choose Kanna/Sou for Q-taro to appear and advance towards Midori. Select either character again between 2-4 turns. Pick Q-taro to take hold of Midori’s legs. Select Kanna/Sou again when Midouri is stumbling and Keiji is up.

Chapter 3, Part One, Section B, involves attempting to save Keiji. It also includes the recovery of memories and commences at the Banquet. At the end of the Banquet, you can save only one of the survivors. If you want Kurumada to survive, you have to select both coffins. Targeting them hits Hayasaka and Mai. For Hayasaka, choose the coffin without the hint and pick one with the hint, for the second target. Follow the same method to save Mia.
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